“The twisting double-helix of colorful T-shirts, lacy blouses and men’s button down oxfords stretches skyward four stories, fluttering toward the 14th century clock tower dominating Arezzo’s town hall”

from Gina London in Travel Girl Magazine

Gina London’s consulting takes her all over the place. She loves to travel.

She lived in Bucharest where she trained independent journalists and learned to make peasant-style cabbage rolls known as Sarmale. In Paris she produced and wrote inspirational videos and took her daughter to an antique hand-cranked carousel under the Eiffel Tower. And in Cairo she worked with opposition party leaders, visited the Pyramids and had her life threatened on the front page of an Egyptian newspaper. Really. Ask her about it.

After spending three years in Tuscany where she fell in love with olio nuovo, chianti classico and all things Italian, Gina now lives in the coastal community of Cork, Ireland with her husband, Scotty Walsh and their daughter Lulu. Gina heartily agrees with the Irish sentiment that “It costs nothin’ to be nice.” She chronicles her cross-cultural experiences in national and international travel publications and here in her blog:

Gina London’s Little Adventures