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Gina London & Team

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Becoming a Deliberate Communicator My Pre-Assessment

Please reflect on each of these and answer honestly. Imagine your mother is standing behind you, looking over your shoulder!


I have identified and understand my professional brand
I am aware my appearance sends a message about me to others all the time
I take responsibility for my appearance
My clothing and accessory choices enhance my brand at all times
My grooming is deliberate (hair, nails, etc.)



I am confident I make a good first impression
I know how to give a proper, warm handshake
I am aware that people read my body language
I understand and apply active listening techniques
I am in command of my facial expressions
I confidently know how to use effective hand gestures
I confidently know how to stand and move during presentations



I am aware of and apply the AIM strategy to all communications events
I appreciate the power of words and seek to use them effectively
I know how to break down technical language to reach broader audiences
I am confident in my projection and clarity
I actively use story-telling to illustrate business points
I know how to adjust my communication style based on verbal or non-verbal audience cues
I know how to clearly state my message and I do so in all communication events
I confidently use vocal variety (pace, volume, pitch, tone, inflection)
I understand the emotion behind words
I am a compelling, memorable and engaging communicator